aptain America’s ‘Clone’ Is Back as His Mutant Opposite

The mysterious Orchis agent known as Captain Krakoa has been causing a stir in the Marvel Comics universe. Some fans believe that he could actually be a returning Hydra Cap from Secret Empire.

There are a few reasons why this theory holds water. First, Captain Krakoa has a similar appearance to Hydra Cap. Both men are tall and muscular, with blond hair and blue eyes. They also both wear Captain America’s iconic costume, albeit with some minor modifications.

Second, Captain Krakoa has been shown to be working with Orchis, a group of anti-mutant extremists. Hydra Cap was also a member of Orchis during Secret Empire.

Finally, Captain Krakoa has displayed some of the same abilities as Hydra Cap. For example, he was able to resist the effects of Xavier’s telepathy, just like Hydra Cap did.

Of course, there is no concrete evidence to support this theory yet. It is possible that Captain Krakoa is simply a new character who is unrelated to Hydra Cap. However, the similarities between the two men are certainly intriguing.

If this theory is correct, it would be a major development in the Marvel Comics universe. It would mean that Hydra Cap is still alive and well, and that he is now working with Orchis to destroy mutants. This would set up a major conflict between Captain America and Hydra Cap, with the fate of mutants hanging in the balance.


The theory that Captain Krakoa is Hydra Cap is still just a theory, but it is a theory that is gaining traction among fans. Only time will tell if it is true, but it is certainly a possibility that Marvel Comics fans should keep an eye on.

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