AWS Named Primary Cloud Provider in Strategic Partnership with Anthropic for Advancing Generative AI

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been selected as the primary cloud provider for Anthropic, marking a significant strategic partnership aimed at advancing generative artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration seeks to expedite the development of Anthropic’s foundational AI models and make them readily accessible to AWS customers.

Anthropic has designated AWS as its primary cloud provider for training and deploying future foundational models, harnessing AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips, known for their high-performance and cost-efficiency in machine learning acceleration. Furthermore, the partnership will extend to collaborative efforts in developing next-generation Trainium and Inferentia technologies.

AWS will be Anthropic’s go-to cloud provider for mission-critical workloads, including security research and the evolution of future foundational models, signifying a strong commitment from both companies.

In return, Anthropic pledges to offer AWS customers lasting access to upcoming generations of its foundational models through Amazon Bedrock. Moreover, AWS customers will gain early access to exclusive model customization and tuning features offered by Anthropic.

As part of this collaboration, Amazon is making a substantial financial investment of up to $4 billion (approximately €3.7 billion) in Anthropic and will hold a minority stake in the company. This strategic partnership enables Amazon developers and engineers to utilize Anthropic models through Amazon Bedrock, enhancing their capabilities in generative AI. This integration will not only improve existing applications but also foster the creation of new customer experiences across Amazon’s diverse businesses.

The close collaboration between AWS and Anthropic will streamline customer access to AI assistant Claude and Claude 2 on Amazon Bedrock. Additionally, the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center will be instrumental in facilitating the development of new applications based on generative AI, enabling organizations of all sizes to transform their operations with innovative AI solutions.

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