Behind the Flames: Insights from Fellow Musicians on the Rammstein Scandal

Several bands and musicians have commented on the allegations against Rammstein regarding sexual misconduct and abuse of power in the music industry. The bands Donots and Madsen have also published statements on Facebook regarding the scandal. Some fans of Rammstein have expressed their support for the band and stressed the importance of the presumption of innocence. However, the allegations have also led to an investigation by Berlin state prosecutors and the suspension of marketing and promotional activities for the band by Universal Music. Music industry workers have also come forward to report that the incidents alleged to have taken place at Rammstein concerts were well known.

Multiple women have accused Till Lindemann, the lead singer of Rammstein, of sexual abuse and misconduct. The allegations include claims that women were drugged with knockout drops or alcohol at Rammstein concerts to enable Lindemann to perform sexual acts on them. The allegations also include claims of drink-spiking and grooming for sex at concerts. Lindemann has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse of power. Berlin state prosecutors have launched an investigation into the allegations against Lindemann. The investigation is based on the initial suspicion of sexual abuse as well as drug-related activity. Universal Music, which represents Rammstein’s recorded music and publishing business, has suspended marketing and promotional activities for the band.

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