Caivano Tragedy: Youth Gangs Arrested in Southern Italy’s Disturbing Case

After a distressing incident in the deprived southern Italian town of Caivano, where two underage girls fell victim to sexual assault by youth gangs, law enforcement authorities took decisive action. The police arrested a total of nine individuals, comprising two minors and seven adults, as announced by the Naples public prosecutor’s office.

This shocking incident has sent shockwaves throughout Italy, especially due to its occurrence in Caivano, a municipality notorious for its association with mafia activities and juvenile delinquency. Located just outside the bustling port city of Naples in the Campania region, Caivano made headlines in late August when two young girls, aged ten and twelve, became victims of a brutal assault by these youth gangs.

The initial investigation reveals a disturbing sequence of events. The young perpetrators allegedly lured the two girls to an abandoned sports facility situated in the infamous Paco Verde district, where they subjected them to sexual assault while recording the heinous act on their smartphones. Shockingly, reports suggest that the gang even livestreamed these horrifying incidents. Further inquiries indicate that these girls had previously endured abuse at the hands of young individuals in other locations.

Caivano, with its approximately 35,000 residents, has long been recognized as a social hotspot and a stronghold of organized crime. The Camorra, a notorious mafia organization active in the Campania region, has firmly established itself in this area. In the wake of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s visit to Caivano, the government initiated two significant raids. Meloni, representing Italy’s radical right, expressed her outrage at the “inhuman act” that had deeply disturbed the entire nation. In response, she announced stringent measures and appointed a special government commissioner to address the issues plaguing the municipality, reflecting the government’s determination to confront the challenges head-on.

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