Crop Catastrophe: The Impact of Corn Failure in Ukraine and Beer Shortage in Belgium

If corn fails in Ukraine or beer in Belgium, there could be several consequences Global food production: If the corn harvest fails in Ukraine, shock waves will go through global food production. Not only will there be a shortage of corn in various countries, but there could also be a decline in pork availability in Southern Europe.

Trade disputes: Talks between the European Commission and five Eastern European countries failed to resolve a growing dispute over the imports of tariff-free Ukrainian grain. Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Bulgaria slapped temporary bans on the import of various types of grain and agricultural products coming from Ukraine. This could lead to tensions between countries and affect trade relations.
Boycotts: The decision of brewing giant AB InBev to produce Leffe beer in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine sparked backlash in Belgium and beyond. There is a growing campaign for boycotting this product in Belgium, coming from its most loyal consumers. This could lead to a decline in sales and affect the company’s reputation

Anger among farmers: Bud Light’s advertisement about beer and corn syrup during the Super Bowl angered corn farmers and surprised many others. This could lead to a decline in sales and affect the company’s reputation

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