Cryptocurrency Report Reveals Global Adoption Trends and Wealth Creation

A recent report has been released, shedding light on the cryptocurrency market’s value and its global adoption. This research, based on data from New World Wealth, a global wealth intelligence company, reveals that there are currently 425 million cryptocurrency investors worldwide. Notably, nearly half of these investors, precisely 49.1 percent, have included Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, in their investment portfolios.

The report also highlights that a significant number of individuals, a total of 88,200, have achieved millionaire status through cryptocurrency investments. Among them, 40,500 individuals attribute their wealth to Bitcoin trading. Additionally, the report identifies 22 crypto billionaires, with six of them primarily accumulating their wealth through Bitcoin ventures. Impressively, there are 182 individuals who possess crypto assets valued at over $100 million.

In addition to these global insights, the report features a comprehensive global crypto adoption index. Kafkas Sonmez, the Global Growth Director at, underscores Turkey’s standout performance in terms of crypto adoption. By evaluating 750 data points across six main parameters, 19 sub-parameters, and 29 indicators, the report positions Turkey as the 12th-ranked country in the adoption ranking, with a score of 3.3. This ranking establishes Turkey as a leader in crypto adoption within its region. Furthermore, when focusing on the innovation and technology category, Turkey secures the 10th spot, surpassing countries such as the Netherlands, Austria, and Luxembourg in this specific category. Sonmez emphasizes that this reflects the potential of cryptocurrency exchanges within Turkey.

However, the report also assesses the regulatory environment across 26 countries, placing Turkey at the bottom of the list in terms of regulation. Sonmez provides perspective, pointing out that considering the G20 nations’ plans to finalize their collaborative regulatory framework for the crypto ecosystem by the end of 2027, Turkey’s regulatory standing should not be viewed overly negatively. He highlights that cryptocurrency and blockchain represent relatively new categories, and he believes that growing institutional investor interest, particularly in the USA, along with traditional financial institutions’ entry into the crypto space, will influence global regulators and fortify the industry’s future.

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