Daring Robbery on Kurfürstendamm: 120,000 Euro Watch Stolen, Culprit Apprehended

According to, a Patek Philippe watch worth 120,000 euros was stolen from the victim while they were sitting on the terrace of an Italian restaurant on Kudamm. The robber was caught, but the loot was gone.
While this robbery was not related to the theft of watches worth 125,000 euros from an Amsterdam store, a suspect was caught in that case, as reported by.

In another incident, professional thieves broke into a high-tech safe in Berlin and stole around 1000 of the 2200 watches stored in the vault, as reported by.

In a separate incident, around 1000 watches were stolen from one of Watchmaster’s storage facilities in Berlin, according to the brand’s CEO, as reported by.

Finally, reports that a man had his $120,000 watch stolen in a violent robbery in Queens, New York. The man believes he was targeted and followed by masked suspects.

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