Defiance Unleashed: Sports Organization Sets Course to Challenge IOC’s Authority with Doping in Competitions

Allowing doping in its own competitions would challenge the International Olympic Committee‘s (IOC) authority. The IOC is committed to fighting all forms of cheating in sport and protecting clean athletes. The IOC has issued recommendations for international federations and international sports event organizers to ensure that major international sports events are organized in the spirit of peace, mutual understanding, and fair play. The IOC has several educational tools in place to raise athletes’ awareness of the risk of competition manipulation and related corruption. The IOC may recognize international non-governmental organizations governing one or several sports to develop and promote the Olympic Movement. The IOC is already overseeing boxing competitions for the Paris Olympics, and the International Boxing Association (IBA) has been banished from the Olympics.

Allowing doping in its competitions can have several potential consequences for the sports organization, including:
Damage to reputation: Doping is considered cheating and can permanently damage the reputation of the sports organization.

Health risks: Performance-enhancing drugs can have harmful and long-lasting side effects that can harm the athletes’ health.

Sanctions: Athletes, coaches, and support personnel who violate anti-doping rules can be sanctioned, including bans from all sports, disqualification of event results, points, prizes, and accolades, and public scrutiny.

Undermining values: Using drugs in sport undermines values like fair play and teamwork, and it can give sport a bad reputation and set a poor example to others.

Legal consequences: Allowing doping in competitions can lead to legal consequences, as it is illegal in many countries.
In summary, allowing doping in its competitions can have severe consequences for the sports organization, including damage to reputation, health risks, sanctions, undermining values, and legal consequences.

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