Eduardo Eurnekian Holds Political Class Accountable for Poverty, Protests, and Insecurity

Eduardo Eurnekian, the airport concessionaire, blamed the political class for poverty, pickets, and insecurity. He stated that the sole objective of the ruling class is “chronic permanence in their positions”. Argentina, where Eurnekian is from, has a history of political instability and conflicts. In the 1960s, a military junta removed President Frondizi from power and annulled the elections, which led to tension and political agitation. Acts of terrorism increased in the 1970s, and several groups were active, some of which claimed to be Peronist, Marxist, or both.

The most serious incident was the kidnapping and killing of former President Aramburu by a Peronist group. Dissatisfaction mounted, and it became clear that Argentina would never be stabilized without the participation of the Peronists Despite these challenges, Argentina has one of the most highly developed economies and most advantageous natural resource bases in Latin America.

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