Enhanced Music Experience: Apple Music’s Car Integration, SharePlay, and AirPlay in Hotels Set to Debut in iOS 17

The upcoming iOS 17 update will bring several new features to CarPlay, including SharePlay support in the Music app. This will allow all passengers in the car to control what music is playing from their own devices, even if they do not have an Apple Music subscription. The primary user can initiate a SharePlay session from CarPlay, and other people in the car can choose music to play. Each person can scan a QR code generated by the main user to get access to the playlist to add songs to the in-car Apple Music queue. Only the person who starts the SharePlay session has to have an Apple Music subscription, and everyone else can use Apple Music to contribute without having to pay.

In addition to SharePlay, iOS 17 will also bring real-time electric vehicle charging station availability information to Apple Maps, which extends to the Maps app on CarPlay. This will make it easy for electric vehicle drivers to find an available charging location while driving.Overall, the new features in iOS 17 for CarPlay will make it easier for everyone in the car to enjoy their favorite music and stay charged up on the go.

iOS 17 will make it easy for users to AirPlay to compatible TVs in hotel rooms. Users can pair their iPhone to their hotel room by scanning a QR code, and they will be able to share videos, photos, music, presentations, web browsing, and more. Apple has reportedly held discussions with hotels and other places that offer TVs and speakers to expand the availability of AirPlay. LG Electronics will be one of the first TV manufacturers to support Apple’s AirPlay expansion, which will see Apple bringing easy access AirPlay to hotel room TVs.

LG worked with Apple to make an easy-to-use AirPlay solution, and iPhone users will be able to scan a QR code to access AirPlay, allowing them to securely play content from an iPhone or iPad to a hotel room TV with no need for extra equipment.SharePlay and AirPlay are two separate features, but they can work together in hotels. SharePlay allows iPhone and iPad users to watch TV shows and movies with other people, listen to Apple Music together, and more. While AirPlay allows users to stream, control, and share videos, photos, music, and more from their Apple devices. Therefore, if a user wants to share a video or music with others in a hotel room, they can use AirPlay to stream it to the TV, and then use SharePlay to watch it together

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