Fenerbahce Calls for MHK President’s Resignation Amidst Controversy

Fenerbahce has called for the resignation of Ahmet İbanoğlu, the President of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Central Referee Board (MHK), following a criminal complaint filed against Ali Koç, the President of the Fenerbahçe Club. In a statement on the club’s website, Fenerbahce expressed respect for İbanoğlu’s principled stance but emphasized that he should step down from MHK to ensure referees are not subjected to influence or pressure.

The statement highlighted the contradiction of filing a criminal complaint without taking this step, exposing institutions and managers that should be fair, transparent, and impartial as taking a side against Fenerbahçe. The club raised questions about TFF President Mehmet Büyükekşi’s knowledge and approval of the complaint, as well as the potential impact on referees under İbanoğlu’s management.

The criminal complaint statement was scrutinized, particularly the assertion that Ali Koç’s position as Fenerbahçe Sports Club President should not grant him privileges before the laws of the country. Fenerbahce urged clarification of the statement’s meaning for the public. The club’s stance reflects concerns about the integrity and impartiality of football governance in light of the ongoing controversy.

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