Kalle Koljonen Soars to the Playoffs in EC Badminton

Kalle Koljonen, a Finnish badminton player, made it to the playoffs in the European Championships (EC) Badminton. He won one set from Anders Antonsen, one of Europe’s top badminton players. Koljonen is currently ranked 77th in men’s singles and doubles. He won his first international title at the 2015 Hungarian International and became the first-ever badminton player from Finland to medal at the European Championships in 2021. In the 2021 European Championships, he won a bronze medal in men’s singles. In the 2023 European Games, he made it to the knockout stage.

It is not specified in the search results who Kalle Koljonen defeated to make it to the playoffs in EC Badminton. However, it is mentioned that he won the opening set 21-15 in the final match of the European Games men’s singles group B, but the second-placed Dane of the tournament won the next two sets and the match.

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