Leading the Charge: Ulrike Demmer Takes on the Role of RBB Director

Ulrike Demmer has been elected as the new director of Rundfunks Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) . She succeeds Katrin Vernau, who had been the interim director since September 2022. Demmer is a journalist who will have a big task ahead of her as the RBB is still recovering from reputation damage. The RBB has had several scandals in the past, and Demmer’s appointment was not without chaos. However, she has the necessary stamina to take on this task.

Who is Patricia Schlesinger and what is her profession

Patricia Schlesinger is a German journalist and television presenter. She was the former director of the national broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) and former chair of public broadcast network ARD. In 2022, Schlesinger resigned from both positions after allegations of embezzlement were made public. She also faced numerous allegations of nepotism.

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