Long-Term Weight Regain among Nearly 40% of Teenagers following Gastric Bypass Surgery

According to Sources, Approximately 40% of teenagers who undergo gastric bypass surgery gain all the weight back. However, other sources suggest that bariatric surgery can be an effective tool for teenagers with severe obesity to lose weight and reverse the progression of weight-related conditions. For example, a study found that 60% of adolescents maintained a weight reduction of at least 20% five years after surgery. Another source reports that on average, adolescents who undergo weight loss surgery will lose 60% of their excess weight after one year. It is important to note that bariatric surgery should be considered in adolescents with moderate to severe obesity who have previously participated in lifestyle interventions.

Weight regain after gastric bypass surgery can occur due to various factors, including:

Lifestyle factors such as lack of physical activity .Uncontrolled psychological disorders and life stressors.Hormonal/metabolic imbalance Technical issues after surgery, such as a dilated gastrojejunal anastomosis Living in an obesogenic environment Metabolic pressures to regain lost weight Eating behaviors such as grazing, snacking, and consuming high-calorie liquids It is important to manage expectations of weight following surgery and to address any contributing factors to weight regain through lifestyle interventions, nutritional counseling, and psychological support. In some cases, revision surgery may be necessary.

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