Partygate Unveiled: Video Exposes UK Conservatives Violating Lockdown Protocols

A Partygate video has emerged showing Tory staff drinking, dancing, and joking about “bending” Covid lockdown rules. The video shows a Christmas party at Conservative party headquarters during coronavirus restrictions in 2020, where at least 24 people were reportedly in attendance. The attendees can be seen breaking social distancing rules, colliding with a table full of buffet food, and joking about breaking the rules. The video will add further pressure on the Tory party, which had hoped to put the Partygate scandal behind them after the much-anticipated privileges committee report into whether Boris Johnson lied to parliament over the Partygate scandal was finally published last week.

The party itself had been previously documented when photos first emerged last year, and police dismissed an investigation citing a lack of evidence at the time, but the video has added further evidence of the scale of the celebrations within the Conservative party.

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