Police Officer Faces Trial for Alleged Misuse of Firearm in Dortmund Incident

In Dortmund, a police officer from the Nordstadtwache is facing trial for allegedly firing his service weapon under unjustifiable circumstances. The public prosecutor’s office has pressed charges against the inspector (34) for attempted grievous bodily harm in office and attempted coercion.

The incident occurred on December 25, 2022, when the officer reportedly discharged his firearm six times at a fleeing Mercedes. Inside the vehicle were two young men – the driver (17) without a driver’s license, and his friend (18) who had allowed him to take the wheel.

According to reports, the Mercedes, driven by Hamsa G., attracted attention by revving its engine, prompting concerned residents to contact the police around 2:30 a.m. Subsequently, when the Mercedes halted at a red light, a police patrol car overtook and positioned itself in front of it.

Despite police presence, the driver of the Mercedes allegedly disregarded stop signs, leading the officers to open fire. Remarkably, no injuries were reported among the involved parties.

However, further investigation revealed that several shots struck the Mercedes, with one projectile hitting the steering wheel. There are indications that another nearby vehicle was also hit by gunfire.

Following the incident, the two young men drove into the city and abandoned the vehicle, surrendering to the police without resistance upon their arrival.

The accused police officer, previously regarded as experienced and composed by colleagues, was suspended from duty. Investigators from Recklinghausen took over the case, conducting a thorough reconstruction of the event on January 6th. It was determined that the officer’s actions did not align with self-defense protocols warranting the use of lethal force.

Legal representation for Hamsa G., provided by Burkhard Benecken, emphasizes the lasting trauma suffered by his client. The defense lawyer, who actively participated in reconstructing the crime scene, underscores the profound impact on Hamsa G. and his family upon witnessing the aftermath of the shooting.

The Dortmund Regional Court is tasked with evaluating the charges brought against the accused officer.

This incident comes amidst an ongoing trial involving colleagues of the 34-year-old officer from Nordstadt. Two policewomen (29, 31) and three policemen (30, 34, 55) face charges, including manslaughter, following the death of 16-year-old refugee Mouhamed Dramé. The officers, responding to a suicidal threat involving a knife-wielding individual, engaged Dramé, resulting in his tragic death from gunshot wounds.

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