Russian and Iranian Defense Ministers Strengthen Bilateral Ties and Discuss New Military Agreement

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, currently on an official political visit to Iran, emphasized that “Moscow and Tehran have taken their relations to a new level.” Shoigu highlighted their determination to expand cooperation across various domains, despite opposition from the United States and Western allies. He stated, “Our collaboration has reached a significant milestone.”

Iran’s Defense Minister, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, who held talks with the Russian counterpart, disclosed that discussions covered “several areas of mutual interest.” Both nations are actively working to enhance security and stability in the Middle East. Ashtiani revealed that Iran and Russia are actively negotiating a fresh, long-term military cooperation agreement set to come into effect in the near future.

In addressing the ongoing tensions with the United States, Ashtiani emphasized the importance of the Iran-Russia relationship in addressing shared challenges, particularly the unilateral actions taken by the US. He also touched upon the sanctions imposed on Iran and the reluctance of Great Britain, France, and Germany to lift them, characterizing this as a “clear violation by Europe” within the framework of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

During his visit to Iran, Sergei Shoigu toured the Air Force base of the Revolutionary Guards, as reported by the “Tasnim” news agency. During this visit, he interacted with senior officers and was presented with an array of Iranian-produced weaponry, including drones, missiles, and air defense systems.

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