Spain’s National Library and Lotteries Collaborate on Tenth Series Honoring the Generation of ’27

The National Library and Lotteries in Spain have launched a tenth series dedicated to the Generation of ’27. The Generation of ’27 refers to a group of poets and writers who rose to prominence in Spain in the late 1920s. They derived their name from the year 1927, which marked the tercentenary of the death of Luis de Góngora, a prominent poet. The Generation of ’27 included not only poets but also visual artists such as Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí. Some of the key members of the Generation of ’27 were Jorge Guillén, Pedro Salinas, Rafael Alberti, Federico García Lorca, Dámaso Alonso, Gerardo Diego, and Luis Cernuda.

The Spanish Christmas Lottery, which is run by Spain’s state-owned Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, is a special draw that takes place every December 22. It is the biggest and most popular draw of the year in Spain. The lottery has a long history, with its first draw held in 1812. The series of the lottery is identified on each ticket by a series number.

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