Spanning Spectrums: Forbes’ 2023 Unveiling of Spain’s Influential Content Creators

This Monday, Forbes revealed its ‘Best Content Creators 2023’ list, spotlighting the top one hundred influential content creators currently making waves in Spain. Recognizable figures on this prestigious list include Ibai Llanos, a prominent streamer; Lola Moreno, widely known as Lola Lolita on TikTok; comedian Eva Soriano; presenter Inés Herrand; globetrotter Gotzon Mantuliz; talented illustrator Alicia Aradilla; and fashion influencers Aida Domenech and Marta Díaz, among several others.

As a yearly tradition, Forbes meticulously identifies key personalities across various social media platforms such as Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. The comprehensive list, featured in a printed edition this October, showcases Lola Moreno, the 21-year-old TikTok sensation (@lolalolita), who has earned the title of the “queen of TikTok” and even has her documentary on Amazon Prime.

Forbes acknowledges the escalating investment in social networks, noting the multiplying expenditures on influencer marketing. The magazine underscores the shift in consumer behavior, emphasizing that audiences now compensate content creators with their time, predominantly in the digital realm, and brands subsequently capitalize on this engagement through advertising.

The ‘Best Content Creators 2023’ list encompasses ten distinct categories: beauty, creativity, entrepreneur, fashion, food, lifestyle, streamer, sustainability, technology, and travel. The ‘Streamer’ category, in particular, shines a spotlight on personalities like Ibai Planos, Henar Alvarez, Nil Ojeda, David Cánovas, Andrea Compton, Cristina López, Gerard Romero, Juan Alberto García, Carles Tamayo, and Inés Hernand.

Other noteworthy categories include ‘Lifestyle,’ featuring familiar faces such as Laura Escanes, Marta Díaz, Aida Domenech, Maria Pombo, and Marina Rivers. The ‘Fashion’ category boasts influencers like Alexandra Pereira, Carlos Martín, Rocío Osorno, Gala González, and Marta Lozano.

Within the ‘Creativity’ category, notable mentions include comedian Eva Soriano, TikTok sensation Mar Lucas, and illustrator Alicia Aradilla. ‘Food’ highlights profiles like Jonán Beltrán, Sergio Bolaños, and Roberto Bosquet.

The ‘Technology’ realm features Jaume Lahoz and Carlos Santa Engracia (from Topes de Gama), Víctor Abarca, Pau García-Mila, Álvaro Martín (from TuTecnoMundo), and Rubén Ulloa. In the ‘Travel’ category, standouts include Gotzon Mantuliz, Mikel Boisset, Rubén Díez, Alan Estrada, and Martatravels. The diverse categories reflect the evolving landscape of content creation and its far-reaching impact on various aspects of modern life.

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