Title: “Koh-Lanta, The Sacred Fire: Frédéric Triumphs in the Final and Takes Home €100,000”

Frédéric has won the 24th season of the French adventure game show “Koh-Lanta: the sacred fire” and the 100,000 euros prize. He won the post-test and then the final vote of the jury. Frédéric’s name appeared seven times on the bulletins of the final jury. He plans to develop an eco-tourism project with his earnings.

The other two finalists who faced Frédéric in the final of “Koh-Lanta: The Sacred Fire” were Nicolas and Tania. The final jury was made up of nine members: Anne-Sophie, Helena, Gilles, Clémence, Esteban, Laura, Quentin, Julie, and Nicolas

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