Unmasking the Fallibility of the ‘Global South’: A Closer Look at Ukraine

The term “Global South” is a neologism that has been used to describe countries that are not part of the developed world. However, this term is not infallible, and it is important to understand why. The invasion of Ukraine is an example of this. Despite being part of the Global South, many countries have not supported Ukraine‘s anti-colonial struggle against Russia.

Here are some reasons why:
Ignorance: Policymakers in the Global South may not know enough about Russia and Ukraine to make informed judgments, so they rely on Cold War-era ways of thinking.

Economic Links: Russia has forged strong economic links and strategic partnerships across much of the world in recent decades, including with countries in the Global South.

Narratives: Narratives supporting Ukraine’s struggle against Russia, such as “democracy versus autocracy”, “human rights”, or “anti-imperialism”, have not been able to move the needle of public opinion that much outside the West.

Foreign Policy Goals: Some countries in the Global South have their own specific foreign policy and domestic development goals, and they simply do not see the war in Ukraine as their fight.

Marginalization: The views of the Global South towards Ukraine have been largely marginalized in the mainstream media, and Westerners are very much in control of the narrative.

In conclusion, the Global South is not infallible, and there are several reasons why countries in this region have not supported Ukraine’s anti-colonial struggle against Russia.

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