WhatsApp’s Exciting Upcoming Features: A Sneak Peek into the Future

WhatsApp is working on several new features, but two of them are major updates that will arrive soon. The two great novelties that WhatsApp will arrive in the coming months are:
Add usernames and hide phone numbers: WhatsApp is working on a big feature that will let you add a username to your account. The platform will give you the option to hide phone numbers, and all users will only be able to see only usernames.

Screen sharing during video calls: WhatsApp is rolling out a feature that allows users to share their phone screen during video calls
.These updates are expected to be available soon, but the exact release date is not yet known.

new WhatsApp features be available to all users

WhatsApp has not announced an exact release date for the new features, but they are expected to be available soon. Some of the features are already visible in the beta version of the app. WhatsApp is known for rolling out updates gradually, so it may take some time before all users have access to the new features. However, since the updates are expected to be released in 2023, it is likely that they will be available to all users by the end of the year.

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