Zelensky Commends Release of Over 2,520 Ukrainian Soldiers, Pledges Unwavering Support: “We Will Not Abandon Anyone”

According to the sourses President of Ukraine Volodimir Zelensky estimates that more than 2,520 Ukrainian soldiers have been freed. He stated that “We will not leave anyone” and emphasized the importance of bringing all Ukrainian soldiers back home. No further information was provided in the article.

There are several ways in which Ukraine supports its soldiers after they are freed. Here are some examples

Medical and humanitarian help: Revived Soldiers Ukraine (RSU) is a well-established 501(c)(3) U.S. charity that has been providing medical and humanitarian help to Ukraine for many years. This organization helps Ukrainian soldiers who have been injured in the war and provides them with medical care, rehabilitation, and other forms of assistance.

Financial assistance: The United States has provided Ukraine with billions of dollars in security assistance since the beginning of Russia’s unprovoked assault on Feb. 24, 2022. This assistance includes financial support for Ukraine’s military, as well as non-lethal aid such as body armor, night-vision goggles, and medical supplies.Evacuation and resettlement: Ukrainian rescue teams have evacuated about 4,000 residents from affected zones. This suggests that Ukraine has a system in place to evacuate and resettle people who have been displaced by the war, including soldiers who have been freed from captivity.

Psychological support: Freed Ukrainian prisoners of war have called for support in the war against Russia. This suggests that Ukraine recognizes the importance of providing psychological support to soldiers who have been through traumatic experiences.
Overall, it seems that Ukraine provides a range of support to its soldiers after they are freed, including medical and humanitarian help, financial assistance, evacuation and resettlement, and psychological support.

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