Zelenskyi’s Counterattack: A Slower Pace Than Anticipated

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that the progress of his forces in the counterattack is slower than expected. According to Zelensky, progress is difficult because the Russians have mined up to 200,000 square kilometers of Ukrainian lands. Despite the slow progress, Zelensky has emphasized that Kyiv will not succumb to pressure to act faster. The military campaign is not a “movie,” he said.

The reasons for the slow progress of Ukrainian forces in the counterattack are as follows: The Russians have mined up to 200,000 square kilometers of Ukrainian lands, making progress difficult.

The Russian military has constructed trenches, minefields, dragon’s teeth, and other barriers to slow Ukrainian forces during offensive operations.

Ukrainian forces will be subject to repeated counterattacks from multiple directions seeking to isolate combat units from the support they need to sustain the offensive.

Ukrainian forces need to assess weak spots in the Russian lines where there are opportunities for penetration, where Russian defenses are poorly constructed or of insufficient depth, and where Russian forces are understaffed or of particularly poor quality.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive is being conducted at a far smaller, company level, and while the approach is slow, it is incurring lower costs in terms of casualties.

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