Putin’s Views on U.S. Election: Assessing Biden, Trump, and Prospects for U.S.-Russia Relations

In the run-up to the American presidential election, Vladimir Putin shared his perspective on potential occupants of the White House. On Wednesday, the Russian President asserted that Joe Biden, his American counterpart, appeared more “predictable” to Moscow than his likely opponent, Donald Trump. Despite accusations in recent years that Trump played into Russia’s hands, Putin stated that Moscow was prepared to “work” with whoever emerged as the victor in the U.S. election.

When asked about which president would be more favorable for Russia, Putin responded, “Biden is a more experienced person. He is predictable, he is an old-fashioned politician.” However, he declined to comment on the debates in the U.S. regarding Biden’s age, emphasizing that discussions on his capacity were held three years ago but saw nothing of concern.

Putin criticized the “extremely harmful and wrong” policy of the current U.S. administration towards Russia, urging a focus on the political position rather than personal attributes. Regardless of the election outcome, he emphasized Moscow’s willingness to collaborate with any American leader in whom the people have confidence.

The Russian President addressed the recent controversies surrounding Biden’s memory and Trump’s alleged favoring of Moscow. Putin questioned the logic of Europeans expecting the U.S. to continue certain functions for free within NATO and suggested that if the U.S. decided it no longer needed NATO, it was their decision.

In response, Donald Trump considered Putin’s remarks a “great compliment,” asserting that Putin preferred Biden and speculated that Biden would “offer Ukraine” to the Russian President. The geopolitical dynamics and the potential impact on U.S.-Russia relations remain pivotal factors in this evolving narrative.

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