Acer Unveils Innovative eScooters with Impressive Features and Performance

Acer is expanding its product range by introducing electric scooters, offering consumers two new eScooter models known for their robust motors and practical foldable design. These new additions to Acer’s portfolio, the Acer eScooters ES Series, promise impressive single-charge travel distances of up to 60 kilometers.

First, let’s take a closer look at the Acer ES Series 5 eScooter. Weighing in at 18.5 kilograms and measuring 118 x 49 x 125 centimeters, this model is both compact and manageable. It’s powered by a formidable 36V/350W-550W Max motor, positioned at the front, which enables swift acceleration up to the maximum authorized speed of 20 km/h. What sets it apart is the array of advanced features that can be conveniently configured via the accompanying mobile app. These include headlight control, an electric lock, side lighting, and three distinct speed levels. The speed levels cater to various riding preferences, transitioning smoothly from a leisurely 6 km/h to a practical 10 km/h commuter mode and finally to a sporty 20 km/h. There’s even a cruise control option for added convenience. The 15 Ah lithium-ion battery delivers an impressive range of up to 60 kilometers on a single charge.

The Acer ES Series 5 Foldable eScooter boasts an 18.5kg weight and incorporates a rugged aluminum frame designed to withstand shocks and impacts. Its user-friendly features include ergonomic and durable handles, a spacious 64 x 16.5 cm footplate for comfortable foot placement, and reliable puncture-proof 10-inch solid rubber tires. To ensure a smooth ride, even on uneven roads, it incorporates a rear suspension system that reduces road shocks by 20-30%.

On the other hand, the Acer ES Series 3 is geared towards those seeking a versatile, lightweight eScooter on a budget. This model is equipped with a 7.5 Ah high-capacity lithium-ion battery that recharges swiftly in just four hours and offers a range of up to 30 kilometers. The three-speed options cater to various riding scenarios, from a leisurely 6 km/h to a practical 10 km/h commuter mode and a top speed of 20 km/h. With its powerful 36V/250W-400W motor, it can handle gradients of up to 15% and support a maximum load of 100 kilograms. Weighing 16 kilograms, it features an aluminum alloy construction and a sleek black design with green accents. Its compact dimensions (107 x 49 x 120 cm), ergonomic handles, and 8.5-inch wheels make it a nimble and convenient urban transport solution. The 60 x 16.5 cm footboard offers ample space for stable footing, ensuring a secure and comfortable ride.

Both Acer ES Series eScooters come equipped with IPX5 water protection ratings, allowing riders to confidently navigate through puddles. The electric motor and battery are safeguarded by robust aluminum casings to prevent accidental damage.

Stay tuned for pricing and release date announcements as Acer looks set to make a splash in the electric scooter market.

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