BeReal Challenges Metrics Amidst User Base Concerns: A Deep Dive into the App’s Evolution and Competing Trends

BeReal has raised concerns about the reliability of the metrics reported by SimilarWeb, disputing claims of a substantial decline in its user base and maintaining that it has more than 25 million active users globally. Launched in 2019 and originating in France, BeReal is distinguished by its emphasis on spontaneity and authenticity, encouraging users to capture moments without relying on filters or editing tools upon receiving notifications.

In recent months, BeReal has introduced new features, including the ability to share songs from Spotify and RealChat, facilitating direct messaging between users. Despite its initial surge in popularity, including receiving the App Store Award from Apple, recent measurements by SimilarWeb indicate a decline in monthly active users, particularly in the United States.

According to SimilarWeb’s data, BeReal has experienced a consistent decline, with monthly active users dropping from 3.7 million in November 2022 to just over 3 million in August of the current year. On Android, the decline is more pronounced, with a 19% decrease from 19.5 million in December 2022 to slightly over 16 million in August 2023. Notably, France has emerged as an exception, maintaining a loyal and growing user base.

In contrast to BeReal’s diminishing user base, BeFake, an application featuring generative artificial intelligence for photo creation, is gaining traction. BeFake allows users to personalize selfies with various filters and effects, sharing them on a global or limited basis. According to SimilarWeb, BeFake had over 4,000 daily active users on Android in mid-September, with the user base increasing on both iOS and Android.

While BeReal disputes SimilarWeb’s findings, claiming internal data supports a user base of over 25 million, it has not provided segmented market metrics to substantiate its stance. In the midst of BeReal’s decline, BeFake’s rise in popularity is evident, and Meta’s Threads app, launched in July, has nearly twice the number of users in the United States compared to BeReal, indicating a shifting landscape in social networking preferences.

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