Biden Applauds NATO’s Unified Stand, Reaffirms Support for Ukraine’s Security

During the NATO summit, President Biden expressed unwavering support for Ukraine and emphasized the unity of NATO member countries. He stated, “Our commitment to Ukraine will not weaken. We will stand for freedom today, tomorrow, and for as long as it takes”. This statement underscores the United States’ dedication to supporting Ukraine in its pursuit of freedom and security.

NATO has been supportive of Ukraine‘s membership in the alliance. In 2008, NATO agreed in principle that Ukraine could be allowed to join, but the country has never been given a formal pathway to membership. However, NATO has been cooperating closely with Ukraine as a partner country. During the NATO summit in July 2023, the alliance welcomed Ukraine’s membership but stopped short of giving a straightforward invitation for Ukraine to join. Nevertheless, NATO leaders reaffirmed that Ukraine would become a member of NATO and agreed to expedite Ukraine’s NATO membership by removing the requirement for a Membership Action Plan. The NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, has said that all member countries have agreed that Ukraine will eventually join the transatlantic military alliance once the war is over. He also stated that NATO will not compromise with Russia on Ukraine’s membership and that Ukraine’s membership in NATO is up to Ukraine and the 30 NATO members to decide.

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