“Blockbuster Ballot: Kiez-Kino’s Election-Style Screening

The article titled “Kiez-Kino on Berlin’s Mehringplatz: ‘Almost like in the election campaign‘”discusses the recent screening of a film called “He” at the Kiez-Kino on Berlin’s Mehringplatz. The article describes the atmosphere at the screening as being “almost like in the election campaign,” with people handing out flyers and engaging in discussions about the film. The article also notes that the film is “the perfect Mehringplatz film that connects a lot of people.”
Another article titled “West Berlin’s view of the 20th century”briefly mentions the Kiez-Kino on Berlin’s Mehringplatz and its recent screening of the film “He.”

A third article titled “Obituary for Hans Helmut Prinzler: The father of the film house”mentions the Kiez-Kino at Berlin’s Mehringplatz in passing, describing it as a “Kiez cinema” and noting that it recently screened a film called “Solo.”

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