Boxing Buzz: Tyson Fury Rumored to Face German Opponent in Upcoming Fight

According to Sourses, the German boxer that Tyson Fury is rumored to fight is Mahmoud Charr. Fury has claimed that he will face Charr after the 37-year-old German challenged him to a fight. Charr has been provoking Fury to finalize the deal and has referred to himself as “the lumberjack”. However, Fury has also named Australian Demsey McKean as the frontrunner for his next fight, which is likely to take place in Australia at the end of the year. It is unclear whether Fury will fight Charr or McKean next, as there is no official announcement yet.

However, here is some general information about Tyson Fury and his recent fights:

Tyson Fury is a British professional boxer who is the current WBC heavyweight champion.

Fury’s last fight was against Deontay Wilder in October 2021, which he won.Fury’s next fight is not yet confirmed, but his promoters are reportedly lining up potential opponents.

Fury has teased that he will be back in the ring soon and that an announcement about his next fight is imminent

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