Chess Faces Crisis as Sexism Allegations Drive Female Players Away

An increasing number of female chess players are turning away from the game due to issues of sexism, including allegations of harassment and assault. In response, the world chess association, FIDE, has expressed deep concern over these allegations and is taking steps to address this critical issue.

The catalyst for action was an open letter signed by 14 prominent French chess players, which has since garnered over 100 signatories. The letter highlights the prevalence of sexism within the chess community and its detrimental impact on women and young girls, particularly teenagers, leading them to discontinue their involvement in the game.

FIDE has taken a strong stance in response, emphasizing its commitment to taking these allegations seriously. The association acknowledges that even a single instance of abuse is one too many and has pledged to implement a protection policy aimed at ensuring women feel safe and self-confident within the chess community. FIDE encourages individuals to report any misconduct to the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, demonstrating its dedication to addressing and rectifying the issue of sexism within the sport.

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