Dramatic Rescue: Fire Brigade Safely Evacuates Residents Using Turntable Ladder

In various incidents, fire brigades have used turntable ladders to rescue residents in different situations. Here are some examples: In Niebuhrstra├če, residents were brought to safety using a turntable ladder with a basket.

In a high-rise fire in Los Angeles, a man clinging to a 6th-floor window was rescued using a ladder.In an apartment building fire, 18 residents were trapped by thick smoke and were rescued using turntable ladders or portable ladders.

These examples highlight the importance of turntable ladders in fire rescue operations. They provide a safe and effective means of reaching and rescuing individuals in elevated positions.

Firefighters use a variety of equipment to rescue people from high-rise buildings. Here are some examples:
Turntable ladders: These ladders are mounted on a truck and can extend up to 100 feet or more. They are used to reach and rescue people from high floors of a building.

High-rise packs: Firefighters require high-rise packs to use while carrying hoses to a deployed location. These packs are designed to be carried up stairs and contain the necessary equipment for fighting fires in high-rise buildings.

Basic equipment: Firefighters also need basic equipment such as helmets, gloves, and breathing apparatus to protect themselves while rescuing people from high-rise buildings.

Water supply: Most modern high-rise buildings have wet sprinkler/standpipe systems and booster pumps to provide adequate pressure on all floors. Firefighters need to direct a fire unit to pump the sprinkler/standpipe system to the building, regardless of the built-in protection.

Staging and rehab: High-rise fires require considerable resources, both personnel and equipment. Staging provides a location for the dispersal of personnel and equipment, while rehab provides rehabilitation for personnel who have been working in the fire.
Training and experience: Fighting fires in high-rise buildings requires specialized training and experience. Firefighters need to train in actual stairwells to understand the mental and physical requirements of these operations. They also need to understand stack effect, which is the movement of air in a building caused by temperature differences, to successfully operate in high-rise buildings.

These are just a few examples of the equipment and resources that firefighters use to rescue people from high-rise buildings.

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