Esko Salminen: An Artistic Journey Guided by Fatherly Wisdom

The vast stage of the National Theater is both a comforting and challenging place for Esko Salmi. This fall, he will grace its boards twice to recite cherished poems and deliver Shakespearean soliloquies.

In the cozy kitchen of his Säästöpankinranta home, Esko Salminen shares a personal revelation: “I borrowed a tape recorder from theater school, a rather unwieldy device. I brought it home, and my father, Unto, gave me a valuable piece of advice. He told me to think of the microphone as a person’s ear—a receptacle for transmitting thoughts. It’s a powerful and enduring image.”

Unto Salminen, Esko’s father, played a pivotal role in his journey. He patiently guided his son through countless recitations, instilling in him the art of expression.

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