Excellence Recognized: Primoli Foundation Honors Corneli, Messina, and Masia

The Primoli Foundation has awarded Giorgiomaria Cornelio, Marine Messina, and Giorgia Masia for their contributions in the fields of Italian poetry, French novel, and photography, respectively. The Primoli Foundation is an Italian organization that recognizes and promotes excellence in various fields, including literature, art, and science. The award ceremony was held on June 3, 2023.

The founder of Primoli Foundation

The Primoli Foundation was established in Rome by the will of Count Giuseppe Primoli. Count Giuseppe Primoli was an Italian nobleman, collector, and photographer who was born in Rome on May 2, 1851, and died on June 13, 1927, in Rome. He was a bibliophile and collector who amassed a large collection of books and prints. He also owned Palazzo Primoli, which he enlarged and modernized between 1904 and 1911. He left his collections and Palazzo Primoli to the Fondazione Primoli, a foundation he established, upon his death. The foundation was erected into an Ente Morale by Royal Decree No. 942 of March 8, 1928. The aim of the foundation is to foster exchanges between Italian and French culture through various means.

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