France’s Retiree Landscape: 17 Million Strong, with an Average Net Pension of 1,366 Euros

According to multiple sources, France had almost 17 million retirees at the end of 2021, who received an average pension of 1,366 euros net per month. According to the sources, the average pension in France is 1,366 euros net per month. However, when compared to other European countries, the average pension in France is not the highest. Finland has the highest average old-age pension in Europe, which is around 1,600 euros. Spain provides pensioners with a monthly state-funded income of just over £2,287, which is equivalent to €2,617.53 per month.

Luxembourg has the highest pension payments in Europe, with retirees receiving over £3,050 each month. Other countries with high pensions include Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Cyprus.

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