From Home to Haven: A Woman’s Journey of Transforming Her House into a Hummingbird Hospital

Hummingbirds are some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. They are small, delicate, and incredibly fast. They also have a very unique diet, which consists of nectar and insects. This makes them vulnerable to a number of threats, including habitat loss, climate change, and pesticides.

One woman who is passionate about hummingbirds is Mary Helen David. She has dedicated her life to helping these amazing creatures, and she has even transformed her house into a hospital to save them.

Mary Helen David’s Story

Mary Helen David has always had a love of nature. She grew up in Florida, where she was surrounded by wildlife. She was particularly fascinated by hummingbirds, and she would often spend hours watching them in her backyard.

As an adult, Mary Helen moved to California. She continued to enjoy watching hummingbirds, but she also began to notice that they were in decline. She learned that habitat loss and climate change were taking a toll on hummingbird populations. She also learned that pesticides were poisoning hummingbirds and making them sick.

Mary Helen decided to do something to help hummingbirds. She started by building a hummingbird feeder in her backyard. She also planted flowers that hummingbirds like to eat. Soon, she had hummingbirds visiting her backyard every day.

Mary Helen eventually realized that she could do more to help hummingbirds. She decided to transform her house into a hospital to save them. She called it the Hummingbird Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

The Hummingbird Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

The Hummingbird Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is a one-of-a-kind facility. It is the only place in the world that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of hummingbirds.

The center is equipped with everything that hummingbirds need to recover from injuries and illnesses. There are special feeders, cages, and medications. There is also a team of experienced volunteers who are dedicated to helping hummingbirds.

Since the center opened in 2015, it has helped over 1,000 hummingbirds. Many of these hummingbirds would have died if it weren’t for the center.

The Importance of Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are important for a number of reasons. They are pollinators, which means they help to spread pollen from flower to flower. This is essential for plant reproduction.

Hummingbirds are also predators, which means they help to control insect populations. This is important for maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

In addition, hummingbirds are simply beautiful creatures that bring joy to people all over the world.

How You Can Help Hummingbirds

There are a number of things that you can do to help hummingbirds. Here are a few ideas:

Plant flowers that hummingbirds like to eat. Put up a hummingbird feeder in your yard. Avoid using pesticides in your yard. Report sick or injured hummingbirds to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Donate to organizations that are working to protect hummingbirds.
By taking these steps, you can help to ensure that hummingbirds continue to thrive for generations to come.


Mary Helen David is an inspiration to us all. She has dedicated her life to helping hummingbirds, and she has made a real difference in their lives. The Hummingbird Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is a one-of-a-kind facility that is making a real difference in the world. If you are interested in learning more about the center or how you can help, please visit their website.

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