“From Texcoco to Semar: AICM’s Debt-Free Journey

According to an article from The Observatorial, the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) will go to SEMAR (Secretariat of the Navy) without the debt left by the canceled Texcoco airport project. The Texcoco airport was a planned airport in Mexico City that was meant to become Mexico’s New International Airport but was canceled in late 2018 after a referendum was held stating that the new airport should be built at a different location. According to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), the cancellation of the Texcoco airport left a debt of 6 billion dollars. However, the debt will not be transferred to AICM, which is a separate airport in Mexico City, and SEMAR will take over the Texcoco airport project instead.

SEMAR stands for Secretariat of the Navy in Mexico. It is a member of the federal executive cabinet and is responsible for managing and commanding the Mexican Navy, including the Mexican Naval Infantry or ‘marines,’ as well as the Mexican merchant marine service. The Secretary of the Navy is appointed by the President of the Republic and is the highest-ranking Mexican naval officer. SEMAR also manages the naval ministry and naval civil service.

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