Frontex Increases Support for Italy Amidst Surge in Migrant Arrivals

Frontex has announced an increased level of support for Italy in response to the recent surge in arrivals in Lampedusa. The European External Borders Agency has outlined its plan to double the flight hours of its surveillance planes in the central Mediterranean region. Additionally, Frontex will provide Italy with additional satellite imagery covering crucial departure areas for migrants in Tunisia. These measures aim to strengthen Italy’s ability to monitor its seas effectively and offer assistance in search and rescue operations.

Furthermore, Frontex is extending its support for the registration and identification of migrants. Mobile migration teams, consisting of approximately 30 experts, will be deployed to the cities of Reggio Calabria and Messina, which have experienced a notable influx of migrants.

Frontex’s Executive Director, Hans Leijtens, emphasized their active collaboration with Italian authorities and their readiness to provide further assistance. He underscored that the migrant challenge extends beyond Italy and is a shared responsibility for all of Europe. Their collective commitment is to safeguard the external borders of the European Union.

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