Hilario Arbelaitz Receives Prestigious 2023 National Gastronomy Award for Lifetime Achievement

Hilario Arbelaitz, a chef from Gipuzkoa, Spain, has been recognized with the National Gastronomy Award ‘Toda una Vida’ 2023. This award is given to individuals whose professional career has made an outstanding contribution to the world of gastronomy. Hilario Arbelaitz was born in Oiartzun in 1951 and has had a long and successful career in the culinary arts.

While there is no definitive list of Hilario Arbelaitz’s signature dishes, he is known for his traditional Basque cuisine and his use of high-quality ingredients. As the chef of Zuberoa, a restaurant run by the Arbelaitz family, he has gained a reputation for excellence in the culinary arts. Some of the dishes that have been praised by food critics include the grilled turbot with black garlic and the pigeon with foie gras. However, it is worth noting that Hilario Arbelaitz’s menu changes regularly to reflect the seasons and the availability of fresh ingredients.

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