Holiday Cheer for Parents: Affordable Toy Prices Emerge for the Festive Season

In just two weeks, the joy of countless children unwrapping their gifts from Santa Claus will fill homes everywhere. And this holiday season brings additional good news for parents, as the financial impact won’t be too burdensome. According to research conducted by Circana, the average price of a toy between January and mid-November, across all networks, stands at 16.35 euros. This marks a modest increase of +2.8% compared to the previous year.

Surprisingly, concerns about inflation, which was at 6% in 2022 for this sector, have diminished. Frédérique Tutt, an analyst at Circana, points out that inflation is no longer a significant concern, especially due to a notable reduction in container costs. As many products are sourced from Asia, the decline in container expenses over the past year has played a role in stabilizing prices, ensuring a more budget-friendly holiday season for families.

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