Hot Politics: Exploring the Impact of Heat on Spanish Elections and Abstention

The Spanish elections are being influenced by several factors, including heat and abstention. The high temperatures in Spain during the summer months can impact voter turnout, as many people may be on vacation or unwilling to go out to vote in the heat. In addition, recent scandals involving the purchase of mail-in ballots in some cities could lead to increased use of this system, which may cause turmoil and further impact voter participation. Experts argue that leftist parties are more likely to be hurt by voters’ frustration at having to return to the polls for the fourth time in four years.Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez called for early elections on July 23 after his Socialist party suffered heavy losses across Spain in regional and municipal elections. This will be Spain’s first coalition government since Franco died, and the first time after the 1930s Spanish Republic that the radical-left will serve in the government. Sánchez’s socialist PSOE won the April 2019 elections, but without the majority required to govern alone.

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