How to Use the New Security and Privacy Features in iOS 17

Apple’s iOS 17 update, which is expected to be released in the fall of 2023, includes a number of new security and privacy features that make it the most secure and private mobile operating system on the market. These features include:

Lockdown Mode:  Lockdown Mode is a new extreme security feature that protects users from targeted spyware and other sophisticated attacks. It disables certain features and functionality, such as just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compilation, wired connections with computers and accessories, and incoming FaceTime calls from unknown numbers. Lockdown Mode can be enabled in the Settings app.

Safari Safe Browsing: Safari Safe Browsing has been enhanced to prevent websites from tracking users across the web. It now blocks third-party cookies by default and has been improved to detect and block cross-site scripting attacks. Safari Safe Browsing also now includes a new feature called “Require Face ID to Unlock Private Browsing” which prevents anyone else from accessing your private browsing tabs without your biometric authentication.

Shared Passwords: Shared Passwords is a new feature that allows users to securely share passwords with friends and family members. Shared passwords can be shared using iMessage, AirDrop, or other messaging apps. When a shared password is used, the other person is authenticated using their Face ID or Touch ID. Shared passwords can be managed in the Settings app.

Passkeys: Passkeys are a new passwordless authentication standard that Apple is developing in collaboration with Google and Microsoft. Passkeys are more secure than traditional passwords because they are not stored on your device or in the cloud. Instead, they are generated and stored on your device using your biometric authentication. Passkeys can be used to sign in to websites and apps on all of your devices.

Photos Privacy Permissions: Photos Privacy Permissions have been enhanced to give users more control over how apps access their photos. Apps will now have to request permission to access your photos, and you can choose to grant them access to all of your photos, selected photos, or no photos at all.

Mail Privacy Protection: Mail Privacy Protection has been enhanced to prevent senders from tracking your email activity. It now blocks invisible pixels in emails and prevents senders from seeing your IP address.

Device Check: Device Check is a new feature that helps to protect users from phishing attacks. It warns users when they visit a website that is trying to impersonate a trusted website, such as their bank or credit card company.

Security and Privacy Review: The Security and Privacy Review is a new tool that helps users to review their security and privacy settings all in one place. It provides users with recommendations on how to improve their security and privacy, and it allows them to quickly and easily enable or disable security features.

In addition to these new features, iOS 17 also includes a number of other security and privacy improvements, such as:

Improved security for system updates: System updates are now more secure than ever, with new features such as cryptographically signed updates and verified boot.
Enhanced security for iCloud: iCloud security has been enhanced with new features such as end-to-end encryption for iCloud Backup and iCloud Keychain.
Improved security for apps: Apps are now required to undergo a more rigorous security review before they are approved for the App Store.
New security tools for developers: Apple has provided developers with new tools to help them build more secure apps.

Overall, iOS 17 is the most secure and private mobile operating system on the market. With its new security and privacy features, iOS 17 helps users to protect their devices and data from a wide range of threats.

How to use the new security and privacy features in iOS 17?

To use the new security and privacy features in iOS 17, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap on Privacy.
3. Tap on the feature that you want to use.

For example, to use Lockdown Mode, tap on Lockdown Mode and then tap on Turn on Lockdown Mode. To use Shared Passwords, tap on Shared Passwords and then tap on Get Started.

Tips for improving your security and privacy on iOS 17

Here are some tips for improving your security and privacy on iOS 17:

Keep your software up to date: Apple regularly releases software updates that include security patches. Make sure to install all software updates as soon as they are available.

Use strong passwords and passkeys: Use strong passwords and passkeys for all of your accounts. Passkeys are more secure than traditional passwords, so consider using them whenever possible.

Enable two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your accounts. Enable two-factor authentication for all of your accounts that support it.

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