Israeli Tanks to Be Delivered to Ukraine? Startling Report Emerges in German Media

vAccording to the search results, there have been reports that Israel wants to sell its main battle tank to Ukraine. However, it is not clear whether this report is accurate or not. Germany has already agreed to supply Ukraine with Leopard 2 battle tanks, and the US is also poised to send Ukraine its Abrams tanks. Germany is one of Ukraine’s biggest military donors, but there is skepticism among the German public about the value of sending tanks, as they worry it could draw Germany more deeply into the escalating war in Eastern Europe.

Other reports suggest that Ukraine needs more infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) rather than main battle tanks to beat back the Russian invasion. The situation in Ukraine is constantly evolving, and there are ongoing debates among Kyiv’s Western partners about whether to supply Western-made main battle tanks to Ukraine.

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