Journalist Karen Shainyan Targeted as ‘Extremist’ in Russia’s Government Watchlist

Journalist Karen Shainyan has been added to Russia’s list of extremists and terrorists by Rosfinmonitoring, a state agency. This move has been reported by several news outlets. It is unclear why Shainyan has been added to the list, but she is known for her work as a journalist.

The exact reason behind Karen Shainyan’s addition to the list of extremists and terrorists in Russia is unclear from the available search results. However, it is worth noting that Shainyan is known for her coverage of LGBTQ+ issues and the war in Ukraine. It is possible that her reporting on these sensitive topics may have led to her inclusion on the list. Additionally, the search results mention that Shainyan aims to inspire LGBTQ+ Russians to come out with the help of celebrities. It is important to consider that the Russian government has been known to crack down on individuals and organizations that they perceive as threats to national security or that challenge their policies and ideologies. Without further information, it is difficult to determine the specific reason for Shainyan’s inclusion on the list.

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