Mexico’s Domestic Flight Seat Occupancy Soars to 83% in 2023

Seat occupancy on domestic flights in Mexico has reached an impressive 83% during the first seven months of 2023, according to the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur). This figure represents the highest seat occupancy rate recorded so far this year, with 7,179,432 seats offered and 5,977,233 passengers transported.

Between January and July, a total of 36,510,502 passengers were transported on domestic flights within Mexico. This surge in domestic travel indicates the resilience and growth of the country’s aviation sector.

In 2023, airlines have scheduled 82,067,709 seats for domestic service, marking a notable 10.4% increase compared to the previous year, highlighting the rising demand for air travel within Mexico.

Two major airlines, Volaris and Viva Aerobus, dominate the domestic market, jointly accounting for 72% of the total. Volaris holds the largest share with 40% of scheduled seats, followed closely by Viva Aerobus with 32%.

Among the most heavily scheduled routes for domestic flights are Mexico City to Cancun, with 2,487,000 seats, followed by Cancun to Mexico City with 2,486,000 seats, and Mexico City to Monterrey with 2,069,000 seats.

Regarding international flights to Mexico, July witnessed an 82% seat occupancy rate, with 3,003,465 seats offered and 2,475,554 passengers transported. Notably, a total of 16,296,425 passengers arrived on international flights to Mexico during this period. The majority, 77.1%, came from North America, while 13.1% arrived from the Caribbean, Central and South America, 9.3% from Europe, and 0.5% from Asia.

These statistics underscore the robustness of Mexico’s aviation industry, with increasing domestic and international travel contributing to the sector’s growth.

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