Napoleon Meets Goya: Prado Museum and Sony Pictures Unveil Captivating Artistic Collaboration

The Prado Museum and Sony Pictures jointly presented a captivating video on Friday, seamlessly blending the promotion of Ridley Scott’s film ‘Napoleon’ with some of Francisco Goya’s masterpieces that vividly capture the historical epoch and its key figures. The British director ingeniously introduces a fictional character, providing a fresh perspective on this moment in history.

Going beyond the well-known scenes of the War of Independence in Madrid on May 2 and 3, the video delves into Goya’s ‘The Family of Charles IV.’ This painting serves as a psychological portrait of the reigning family, particularly King Carlos IV and his heir Fernando VII—historical figures who had significant interactions with Napoleon during their time.

The actor portraying the fictional Napoleon, unable to visit the Prado (inaugurated in 1819), dons the original costume worn by Joaquin Phoenix in the film, specially brought from Los Angeles. The character engages with Goya’s masterpieces, including ‘The Surrender of Bailén,’ painted by Casado del Alisal in 1864, illustrating the French troops’ defeat in the Battle of Bailén (1808), a historic moment even though Napoleon was not personally present.

Recorded on November 8 within the National Prado Museum’s chambers, this video production is credited to the agency WEBNEO.ES, according to the gallery. The collaboration not only promotes Ridley Scott’s film but also creates an immersive experience, bridging the cinematic portrayal of Napoleon with the rich historical narratives depicted in Goya’s timeless artworks.

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