New One-Day Motorway Vignette in Austria Offers Travel Flexibility

Austria to Introduce One-Day Motorway Vignette for Short Stays and Transits

Austria is set to introduce a one-day motorway vignette next year, offering more flexibility to travelers. Previously, even short stays or transit trips required purchasing a ten-day vignette, making it less cost-effective for some. The one-day vignette aims to cater to day guests and transit travelers, providing a more affordable option.

However, for German drivers planning short trips with overnight stays or week-long vacations in southern destinations with a return journey through Austria, the new one-day vignette may not offer significant savings. The one-day vignette is expected to cost 8.60 euros per car. While the price of the ten-day vignette will increase from 9.90 to 11.90 euros next year, it will still be a more economical choice than purchasing two separate one-day vignettes.

The decision to introduce the daily vignette aligns with the European Union’s infrastructure costs directive, which mandates the provision of daily tariffs alongside other toll options. The Austrian motorway operator Asfinag has not disclosed the expected demand for the 24-hour toll. In addition to the introduction of the daily vignette, the fee for the two-month vignette will see a slight reduction from 29 to 28.90 euros in 2024, while the annual vignette will remain priced at 96.40 euros.

Austria has implemented tolls for motorways and expressways since 1997. Travelers are required to attach a motorway vignette to the inside of their windshield before entering designated toll roads. Since November 2017, digital vignettes have also been available for purchase.

This move is expected to provide greater convenience and cost flexibility for travelers transiting through Austria or making shorter visits to the country.

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