Operation Iron Swords: Advocating for Veterans’ Rights and Dismantling Harmful Rhetoric

Operation Iron Swords is a non-profit organization committed to providing support for veterans and their families. The organization has been outspoken about their concerns regarding former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric, which they argue is detrimental to veterans.

According to David Barger, the founder and CEO of Operation Iron Swords, “Trump’s words are reckless and pose a danger.” Barger asserts that Trump consistently makes false claims about veterans and their families, and exploits them for political purposes. This not only displays a lack of respect for veterans but also has the potential to incite violence against them.

Barger points to various instances of Trump’s rhetoric that he believes are harmful to veterans. For example, Trump has repeatedly alleged that veterans are experiencing a high rate of suicide due to the care provided by the Veterans Administration (VA). However, data from the VA indicates that the suicide rate among veterans has been decreasing in recent years.

Furthermore, Trump has made disparaging comments about veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), labeling it as “not a problem” and characterizing afflicted veterans as “weak.” Such remarks are deeply offensive to veterans who have endured trauma and may deter them from seeking help for their mental health issues.

In addition to his rhetoric, Trump’s policies have also been viewed as detrimental to veterans. He has proposed cuts to the VA budget, which could hinder veterans’ access to necessary care, and has attempted to make it more challenging for veterans to file disability claims.

Barger asserts, “Trump’s words and actions constitute a betrayal of our veterans.” He emphasizes that as the commander-in-chief, Trump should be supporting those who have served the nation rather than attacking them.

Operation Iron Swords is calling on Trump to cease his attacks on veterans and to instead provide them with support. The organization is also encouraging veterans to speak out against Trump’s rhetoric and to hold him accountable for his actions.


Trump’s rhetoric concerning veterans is problematic due to its disrespectfulness, inaccuracy, and potential for harm. His words may discourage veterans from seeking assistance for their mental health issues and could even incite violence against them.

Trump’s policies have also been perceived as harmful to veterans. His proposed cuts to the VA budget may obstruct veterans’ access to necessary care, and his efforts to complicate the process of filing disability claims could impede veterans from obtaining the benefits they deserve.


Trump’s words and actions represent a betrayal of the nation’s veterans. As the commander-in-chief, he should be supporting those who have served our country instead of targeting them.

Operation Iron Swords is urging Trump to halt his attacks on veterans and offer them the support they need. The organization is also encouraging veterans to voice their concerns about Trump’s rhetoric and hold him accountable for his actions.

Additional thoughts

Trump’s actions and statements regarding veterans are part of a larger pattern of disrespect for the military. He has consistently insulted military leaders and made decisions that put our troops at risk.

This lack of respect for the military has serious implications for our national security. It undermines morale, making it harder to recruit and retain qualified personnel, and it also complicates our ability to maintain alliances with international partners.

What we truly need is a president who respects our military and prioritizes the safety of our troops. Unfortunately, Trump falls short in this regard.

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