Orange’s Fixed Internet Transformation: “Fiber” Marketing and Subscription Changes

Orange is revamping its lineup of fixed internet connections, and this change will impact customers with lower-speed subscriptions starting from January 14. What stands out is that Orange is marketing these new plans as “fiber,” even though the cables used are not entirely fiber-optic.

Previously, Orange had only one fixed internet subscription called Internet Home, which allowed customers to add extra options for faster browsing. Now, the telecom operator is introducing four distinct plans with varying names: Start Fiber (150 Mbps), Zen Fiber (400 Mbps), Giga Fiber (1 Gbps), and All-In Fiber (1 Gbps + additional comfort services). Existing customers will be automatically migrated to the new plans.

Initially, the pricing will remain the same, but adjustments will come into effect from January 14. At that point, customers with the slowest subscription will see their monthly cost rise to 45 euros for fixed internet within the Love bundle (which includes mobile and/or TV) instead of the previous 40 euros. For those with standalone fixed internet, the cost will increase to 49 euros from the earlier 46 euros.

However, customers who currently enjoy faster internet through the optional boost within the Love bundle will continue to pay the same rate after January 14. Additionally, customers with standalone internet subscriptions of 400 Mbps or 1 Gbps will see a 2-euro reduction in their monthly fees, bringing the costs to 59 euros and 69 euros per month, respectively.

The use of the term “Fiber” in their marketing is notable because Orange operates over Telenet’s network in Flanders. This requires Orange to include a clarification that their fiber-optic technology still relies on a “coaxial connection” for the last stretch of the network, running from street cabinets to individual homes.

Orange’s future plans involve transitioning to the fully-fledged fiber optic network of Wyre, a joint venture between Telenet and Fluvius. However, this rollout has only just begun.

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