Preserving Moctezuma’s Plume: AMLO’s Imperative for Conservation

Mexican President Lopez Obrador has demanded that Austria return Moctezuma’s Plume, a headdress believed to have belonged to the famous Aztec emperor, which is currently in Austria’s possession. Historians believe that Emperor Moctezuma gave the plume to Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes, who took it to Europe. The Mexican government has been lobbying for the recovery of stolen art and cultural artifacts that belong to Mexico, including Moctezuma’s Plume.


While efforts to have the headdress returned to Mexico have so far been unsuccessful, President Lopez Obrador has stated that this is a demand that Mexico must maintain.

Another country that has supported Mexico with this type of returns, he stressed, is the United States, which recently returned one of the most sought-after pieces in recent history, the monolith known as Monster of the Earth or Portal of the Underworld, from the culture olmec ra.

Contrary to this, criticized the President, there is France, where the authorities do nothing against the auctions of Mexican pieces that have been illegally removed from the country.

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